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"My Ubuntu setup is faster than a PC and prettier than a Mac..." The Times

22 November, 2011

"Craig did a fantastic job fixing our computer, was prompt, reliable and competitively priced. Highly recommended!" Alan, Maitland

22 February, 2011

"Thank you to Craig for his professional and prompt support in my area. I manage the online infrastructure and Website design team for Australia Post in NSW and the work that Craig did for us introduced new avenues of support for our internal team that we did not envisage. His insight and thinking gave us new avenues to pursue and has increased the uptake and usage of our systems significantly. Craig’s out of the square style of thinking is a welcome change to the standard thinking of some Consultant types that we have had in the past and his ability to also implement his concepts was only restricted by the infrastructure constraints that we have. I would recommend Craig as a valuable addition to any businesses IT solution and know that he can deliver on the ideas that he arrives at." Richard, Sydney

29 August, 2010

"Thank you thank you thank you !! No amount of rebooting and 'self diagnoses' could establish what the problem with my computer was... I ended up, out of desperation, visiting an Internet cafe in order to try and find a local business that could fix it !!! I found Bionic PC , called them and a lovely gentleman named Craig was sent to help me. Not only did Craig correct the problem, he recommended software to prevent the problem from recurring and stayed in touch to make sure that the issue was completely resolved. I work from home and for me, time is money, so Craig's promptness, professionalism and expertise were fantastic time savers - not to mention great value for money! I would recommend them to anyone with PC issues: they are polite, efficient and knowledgeable, and my computer is now even faster than it was before." Alison, St Ives